MC Public Affairs


Government Relations

The decisions made by governmental bodies and regulators impact on business’ value up to 50%. In the highly competitive times we live in, only businesses that engage proactively with government and policymakers will have the head start that could make or break their enterprise.

We work on building relationships of trust between business and government in order to shape a mutually beneficial business environment for the future. We ensure that our clients have the power and influence to play an active role in shaping the laws, regulations and other governmental actions that impact their unique interests. Our lobbying services are consistently successful because we understand the political climate and the issues that drive that process. We begin by developing a strategic vision. From there we open doors to build alliances that position our clients to identify potential business opportunities in both public and private sectors.

Our clients come to us because we offer proactive and effective engagement with every level of government, from elected representatives to officials and administrators. We recruit staff who have hands-on experience at the heart of the political machine, experts in lobbying who know the who, why and when of engagement. Our strategies and tactics advance business goals in both local and global markets. All of this comes down to what we do best: delivering success.