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Government Relations

The decisions made by governmental bodies and regulators impact on business’ value up to 50%. In the highly competitive times we live in, only businesses that engage proactively with government and policymakers will have the head start that could make or break their enterprise. We work on building relationships of[…]

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Advocacy & Lobbying

Our short-term and sustained advocacy campaigns target key media individuals and organizations with the aim of maximizing influence across relevant platforms. We manage the various key elements of a client’s campaign from conducting research and targeted surveys, ensuring the right message gets to the right audience. Whereas other, over-expanded firms[…]

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Legal Services

With two of our team qualified Attorneys at Law specializing in Corporate, Criminal and International Law, we have the in-house know-how that other firms do not. Whereas other “full service” law firms have no significant lobbying and trial experience, this is our specialty. This gives us the edge over the[…]

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Corporate Relations

MC Public Affairs Ltd. has vast experience in financial hubs of Europe as well as further afield in the Middle East and Asia. The contacts, experience and priceless local knowledge our company has accrued in terms of Corporate relations are unsurpassed and invaluable. We have opened the door for clients[…]

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Lobbying Network

MCPA is offering a whole range of professional lobbying services to both public and private business clients. Based on longstanding experiences in all kinds of regulatory policy issues, our company provides a one-stop shop to its business partners, offering the best services in lobbying and public affairs, investment issues, investment and corporate communications, technology transfer and start-ups. Therefore we can establish a sound base for clients to achieve a successful breakthrough into new markets.

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Unique Solutions

We work on building relationships of trust between business and government in order to shape a mutually beneficial business environment for the future. We ensure that our clients have the power and influence to play an active role in shaping the laws, regulations and other governmental actions that impact their unique interests.

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  • I know Mihael Cigler for several years. We had several opportunities to work together, to share our ideas. His positive energy is a source of inspiration. He believes in a social and just society that puts people in front, their dignity and well-being. Mihael Cigler is a person with high integrity, moral and ethic standards to whom transparency is a motto.

    Tanja Fajon – Member of the European Parliament
  • The development and growth of MC Public Affairs into a major lobbying business, particularly in the countries of former Yugoslavia with its headquarters in Slovenia, has provided a major “go to” resource for companies within the Plane Matters Business Club.

    Kent Walwin – Secretary PMBC
  • I can wholly endorse and recommend MC Public Affairs as a first-class leader in the business of lobbying and also possessing general business acumen.

    Kent Walwin – Secretary PMBC

Successful Results

MCPA employs a young and dynamic team conversant with economic, legal, international and public affairs knowledge. With these skills, the MCPA team can provide the best solutions for our clients. MCPA constantly collaborates with distinguished FIPRA members and other recognized experts from all areas of public affairs and beyond.

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We have vast experience in the financial hubs of Europe as well as further afield in the Middle East and Asia. The contacts, experience and priceless local knowledge our company has accrued are unsurpassed and invaluable.

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