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MC Public Affairs (MCPA) is a London and Slovenian based company. We offer strategic communication and governmental affairs services in the West, Middle, East and Southeast Europe. Apart from Slovenia, we have representatives and partners in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Luxembourg, and Brussels.

We base our work on five key principles

MCPA is proud to be a part of the international public affairs and lobbying network FIPRA, holding its license in Slovenia for public affairs and lobbying. FIPRA is operating in more than 50 countries, having the best experts in public affairs, lobbying, economic analysis and legal oversight.

MCPA is offering a whole range of professional lobbying services to both public and private business clients. Based on longstanding experiences in all kinds of regulatory policy issues, our company provides a one stop shop to its business partners, offering the best services in lobbying and public affairs, investment issues, investment and corporate communications, technology transfer and start-ups. Therefore we can establish a sound base for clients to achieve a successful breakthrough into new markets.

We are also dealing with educational work, MCPA holds a lobbying academy, which provides unique and individually shaped lectures for both public and private business clients.

Our good results are achieved by coherent lobbying, using carefully chosen partners with high ethical standards. Therefore we create a diplomatic communication with strategicapproach to change legislation where necessary and at the same time eliminate administrative obstacles and trade barriers for all of the MCPA clients.

Our Clients

MCPA successfully represents various international companies and corporations, public institutions and government agencies, together with small and medium-sized enterprises and NGOs. MCPA employs a young and dynamic team conversant with economic, legal, international and public affairs knowledge. With these skills the MCPA team can provide the best solutions to our clients. MCPA constantly collaborates with distinguished FIPRA members and other recognized experts from all areas of public affairs and beyond.

A number of MCPA clients have backgrounds in the green technologies, promoting and introducing eco friendly solutions mainly in automotive industries. MCPA cooperates with regional parliaments and governments where we provide unique solutions in establishing eco funds, subventions and procurement regarding less CO2 emissions, while emphasizing the green tax benefits.

MCPA also serves and helps local communities, introducing an innovative solutions in the field of tourism. We are supporting new groundbreaking hotel concepts, both environmentally friendly and self-sustainable. Pioneering the new approaches in tourism will significantly contribute to the good promotion of local communities as well as the whole of Slovenia.

MCPA provides this perfect example of initiating the creative use of green policies in all the countries in which we operate. We provide unique solutions which can be implemented in both the EU and internationally.

MCPA have worked with a diverse range of clients on matters such as business consultancy, technology transfers, access to foreign markets, direct investments, European institutions, environment and climate changes, European tenders and pharmaceutical-related issues for multinational companies, SMEs, governments, NGOs and political parties. Our range is wide, our experience unsurpassed and consistently, we deliver successful results to our clients.

Our Team

Mihael Cigler

CEO of MC Public Affairs,
Member of the Advisory Board
Global FIPRA Network

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