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Mihaela Pudgar

Mihaela Pudgar started her career as an intern at the Law office of Karla Pajnik in Slovenj Gradec in 2004 until 2007, when she also started working as a volunteer at the High Court of Maribor. She volunteered there for a year and then in 2008 passed her Bar Exam.

After qualifying, Mihaela worked as an Attorney Candidate at Law in the offices of Karla Pajnik in Slovenj Gradec, until she became a registered lawyer in 2010.

In 2011 Mihaela opened her own practice and has been working on her own ever since, offering legal representation to MC Public Affairs Ltd., advising the firm on legal matters and managing extended project teams as well as undertaking legal research for various projects and specialises in tax issues.

Mihaela also offers expert legal advice on issues such as contracts, property interests, collective bargaining agreements, government regulations and patents. In addition, she represents the projects in court, or in key milestone meetings where legal aspects impact project outcomes. She speaks English, German and Croatian as well as her native language Slovenian and is a qualified legal expert in both Corporative and Criminal Law.