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Mihael Cigler

Mihael Cigler, CEO of MC Public Affairs, is one of the highest ranked business consultants and lobbyists in the European Union and in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mihael combines business, political, and communications acumen with a comprehensive expertise in European legislative and funding procedures. He specialises in business consultancy, technology transfers, access to foreign markets, direct investments, European institutions, environment and climate change, European tenders-and pharmaceutical-related issues for multinational companies, SME’s, governments, NGO’s and political parties.

Starting his career as a Human Rights Activist in health and social care, he was appointed Project Director of the Soros Foundation-financed Central European Mental Disability Advocacy Project (CEMDAP) in 1997. He has also been deeply involved in legislative work, drafting laws with the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and members of the Slovenian National Assembly.

In 2002, Mihael became one of the first Slovenians to join the Francis Vais Fund training in the Parliamentary Group of Socialists in the European Parliament. In the 2003 European Elections, he was appointed European campaign manager for the European Socialists Party in Slovenia.

In 2004 he worked in the parliamentary group of the Social Democrats in the Slovenian National Assembly in the field of European Institutions and European legislative processes. The same year, he stood as a candidate for the Social Democrats Party in the National Assembly.

In 2010, Mihael established the first Slovenian Lobbyists Association and became its first president. The same year, he also became head of Fipra’s correspondent office in Slovenia that is now an individual unit. Fipra is Europe’s leading and most extensive public affairs consultancy network, advising clients on a range of government relations and regulatory policy issues.

In 2011, Mihael coordinated two major joint venture projects between Slovenian and Indian companies. In 2012, he helped another Slovenian company to successfully break into the Indian market and in 2015, established London-based global company MC Public Affairs, specialising in public affairs consultancy.

Prior to becoming CEO of MCY Global Mihael was CEO of Cigler and Partners Ltd., CEO of Insights Profos Brussels and Insights Profos Central Europe, which he founded in 2005 with a British partner. Mihael has also been the director and CEO of Institute Evros, European Advocacy Information Centre in Ljubljana, with responsibility for advocacy projects.

Mihael speaks English, German, Serbian, Croatian as well as his native Slovenian and divides his time between Brussels, London, and Slovenia.