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Meet our Team

Kent Walwin

Kent Walwin obtained a Law degree from the University of Southampton. He has a wealth of experience spanning over forty-five years in all aspects of film and media financing, production and distribution as well as considerable general business experience. In the 1980s Kent established Premier Releasing, a major UK independent theatrical distribution company and Centre Media, which co-produced a significant number of successful dramas and films with the BBC, LWT and other ITV companies. Kent is a founder and a senior director of That0s Media Limited, which is now the largest Local Television operator in the UK with fourteen franchises.

Kent is the secretary of the Planet Matters Business Club, comprising a group of companies with three main operating sectors:

  • Broadcast Media
  • Large Feature Films, Live Events and TV Series
  • Homes and Energy

which includes Can Float Homes a company that designs and constructs energy efficient homes for drylands, as hotels on water and for positioning on floodable land.

Kent Walwin continues to travel widely to promote his businesses through the Planet Matters Business Club.