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International business conference in Carinthia

Our network participated in the international business conference connecting local entrepreneurs from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovakia among others. The event was organized by Regional Development Agency for Carinthia region (Koroška) and by the Office for Slovenians abroad.

In the delightful premises of Castle Bukovje in Dravograd, numerous foreign business associations and chambers of commerce presented their work, current state of legal regulation, main achievements as well as main challenges to the cross-border business cooperation.

CEO and other members of MC Public Affairs network

The conference was attended among other honorable guests by Minister for Slovenians abroad, Mr. Peter J. Češnik. Engaging presentations referred to very new, more favorable legislation on posted workers in Austria, which is in connection with rising amount of working possibilities very good news for Slovenians. There is also a big potential in Italy – especially Trieste, and Slovakia due to its impressive auto-industry.

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